Filet de Camouflage Bleu Niagara et Placide
Ignifugé et Renforcé

When the impossible becomes reality Filecamouflage ™ brings a real plus in decoration! For all your entertainment, dare the blue camouflage net blue & blue Placide. Our fabrics are manufactured with the same quality requirements as the entire Camonetz ™ Pro series. Waterproof, impotent and anti-mildew treated, our fabrics are ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor use.
NB This fireproof net is also reinforced!

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Description du produit

Niagara Blue and Blue Two-Tone Camouflage Net Fireproof and Reinforced

  • Niagara Blue & Blue Placid
  • Anti-UV Treaty
  • Specific treatments for anti-gloss and anti-reflective rendering
  • Non-toxic and ecological
  • Light, strong and resistant
  • Raincoat
  • Dimensions: From 3m x 3m to 12m x 12m
  • Fireproof treatment

This fireproof net is also reinforced!

Information complémentaire


Option Renforcé & Ignifugé


6m x 18m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m, 3m x 9m, 3m x 12m, 3m x 15m, 3m x 18m, 6m x 6m, 6m x 9m, 6m x 12m, 9m x 9m, 9m x 12m, 12m x 12m